Fem-based names & symbols

English Dialect Dictionary, 1900, and the Century Dictionary Encyclopedia, 1911
feme sole, a single feme
feme covert, a married feme, one "covered" by a husband
feme line, maternal blood line
femble, cannabis saliva, strongest hemp in nature, also as fimble
femicide, the killing of a fem
femmil, strength, firmness, active, athletic, also as fim, quick, fimr, nimble
femlans, the remains of a feast
fimele, cannabis brevior, also as femele
femmer, slight, slender, went to make femmersome
femino, pertaining to fem
femic, characteristic of fem
femmel, selection of the best, throwing out inferior articles
femmerell, lantern on roof of kitchen
French: femme, fem
Latin: feminal, -> femina -> feminine -> (to) feminate, to make strong
Latin: femulus, ('us' masc. ending -> 'a' feminine ending) as famula, a household slave -> family

These names and symbols were put out of usage by patriarchy by renaming fem (wo) +man, in 11th Century, and a poet changing feme to fe +male for the purpose of rhyme, patriarchy being OK with this mutilation of feme.

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